DANISH racer Benjamin Basso tipped his hat to Pirates’ fans and said: “I have had such a warm welcome.”

The former youth world champion started a trend by wearing a cowboy-style hat before meetings, with some members of the crowd joining the Odense-born ace.

At the time of writing, the style of hat worn by Basso is listed as out of stock on the club website.

Asked about the hat craze he has brought to Pirates since signing mid-season, popular Basso told the Daily Echo: “It’s amazing to see the trend is going on.

“Maybe it’s just a hat but it feels like they are supporting me by buying the hat and wearing it and getting me to sign it – it’s great to be here.”

He added: “I’m so glad I came to Pirates over here, because I have had such a warm welcome over here.”

Basso is set to compete for Danish club Fjelsted in their respective league final this evening, before heading back to Poole for the business end of the British campaign.