PIRATES promoter Danny Ford apologised to supporters for the delay caused during last night's meeting.

Action stopped at Wimborne Road after just three heats between Poole and Birmingham Brummies, to allow for remedial track work.

Birmingham ace James Shanes came down after hitting a hole around the fourth bend. He continued to race the remainder of the meeting, but there was a delay of around 40 minutes as staff worked to repair the damage.

Pirates skipper Danny King even came out onto the track to assist with raking over the affected area, before Poole's number one Rory Schlein took a few test laps to check the damage had been repaired.

When action finally resumed, Poole romped to a 57-33 victory, to extend their leap atop the SGB Championship.

"I can only apologise to everyone for the delay we have experienced," said Ford.

"We all know that we have had problems with the track for several years and we have been working really hard to try and sort things out, but the hole, which is about the size of a kitchen table, had shown no signs of being there before (Sunday).

"I share in everyone's frustration but I can give our assurance that we will continue to strive to improve the track."

Pirates are due back in home action on Friday night, welcoming Glasgow Tigers (7.30pm).

Ford insisted: "Whilst we were able to get things sorted for the last 12 heats, we will not be resting on our laurels and we will be working overtime again to ensure that we can provide an improved surface for our crucial clash with Glasgow this coming Friday."