IT is difficult to remember this far back – but Steve Worrall was Pirates’ first name on Matt and Danny Ford’s team sheet to begin Poole’s new SGB Championship era.

The Merseysider was announced as a Poole rider back in November 2019 but had to wait until May 2021 to finally don the skull and crossbones and compete for the Dorset club.

But you only have to look at the 29-year-old’s results in Poole colours to know he has been an impressive recruit.

In five meetings for Poole this season, Worrall has totalled double figures in every single outing – including a 14-point haul in last week’s 58-32 home thumping of Kent.

So, what has it been like for Worrall to finally become a Pirate?

“I have been coming here in the Premiership and whenever you go against the Pirates, it always just feels different,” he told the Daily Echo.

“It’s such a big club, big history, it always feels a little bit special.

“With my ties and connections with Belle Vue, I always thought that maybe I wouldn’t get the chance to get down here.

“But thankfully, the way it all worked out, Poole dropped down and I was one of the first ones on the sheet.

“It’s good, it’s a nice feeling that I’m at a club where I was really wanted and I know I’m appreciated.

“I am looking forward to being part of it and being part of a club with such a big history.”

A member of Belle Vue’s SGB Premiership line-up this season, Worrall is also tonight set to guest for Ipswich in their top-flight clash with King’s Lynn at Adrian Flux Arena.

Despite Pirates now very much off and running in the second tier, the in-form charger admits it is still odd to see them ply their trade at a lower level.

“They are just renowned for being the Elite League or Premiership champions,” he admitted.

“Then they dropped down, I don’t know what the reasons were. The world is evolving, I guess.

“The sport, in my eyes, the Championship at the minute is just the same as the Premiership.

“When I go racing in the Championship, I feel I put in the same amount of effort and get out the same points-wise as I do in the Premiership.

“You’re racing against 90 per cent of people that are the same faces you see in the Championship circuit. I kind of get the decision – it’s good for me.

“When I look at it, I’ve always wanted to be a part of it (at Poole) and when you come as an away rider, you do look in and go ‘it’ll be cool to be a part of that’.

“Now I’m finally here, it’s cool.”

Of course, it is not just Steve who is the only member of the Worrall family to have success at Wimborne Road.

Brother Richie was part of Poole’s 2018 Premiership-winning title side.

Asked whether he had spoken to his twin sibling about joining Poole, Steve replied: “We spoke about it a lot and he only sung the praises of it.

“The one big part of it is the travel, where it’s around five hours for me.

“But that’s another part of it which I like. When you are in other teams you literally turn up, race, and get in your van and go home.

“Here, it’s a lot more relaxed and a better environment. All that adds to the team atmosphere, the vibe and the gelling – that’s where the difference comes and I think it only benefits it all.”

Despite being based in the north, it is fair to say Poole’s number three has made himself look very much at home.