PIRATES number one Rory Schlein admitted it had been a “long time coming” his chance to wow fans at Wimborne Road.

The 36-year-old missed the Dorset outfit’s opening home meeting of the campaign at Berwick last time out with a leg injury sustained in a nasty spill at Glasgow.

But fresh off the back of scoring 10+1 in Wolverhampton’s 49-41 victory at Ipswich on Monday, the 2020 British champion is set to spearhead Neil Middleditch’s men against Kent in the SGB Championship tomorrow.

Schlein told the club website: “I am looking forward to riding in front of a home crowd at Poole for it has been a very long time coming.

"Obviously the way things are currently in the UK it has been a bit tricky for the lads to get too many laps in and, as riders we all want to keep busy, but that is especially the case for the young Aussie guys like Ben (Cook) and Zane (Keleher) who are hungry to be out on their bikes and riding all the time.

“The way things are going then that could well be the case as we catch up on fixtures.

“We've got a meeting coming up this week and when you look at the Kent side, they are a side that on paper looks like they could do something, so you have to respect them for that.

“Scotty (Scott Nicholls) is in very good form this season and there is no doubt that they will be going out there to make things as difficult as possible for us.

"That said, for us, we have just got to do what we are all capable of doing.

“We have a strong top three and the other lads are beginning to get amongst the points so the signs are good.

“But to be brutally honest, and I had this conversation with Middlo last Tuesday night, I look at us as being something of a slow burner but we will be picking up momentum the more fixtures, especially home meetings we get under our belts."

Pirates: Rory Schlein, Zane Keleher, Steve Worrall, Stefan Nielsen, Danny King, Ben Cook, Danyon Hume. Team manager: Neil Middleditch

Kent: Scott Nicholls, Paul Hurry, Paul Starke; RR for Tom Bacon, Cameron Heeps, Ben Morley, Dan Gilkes. Team Manager: Chris Hunt.