JEFF Mostyn insists Maxim Demin's commitment to Cherries remains "unwavering" despite the club failing to achieve promotion back to the Premier League.

Cherries are facing up to a second season in the Championship, following their play-off semi-final defeat to Brentford.

But despite missing out on the riches of a return to the top flight, chairman Mostyn says the club's owner remains fully focused on the challenge ahead.

Russian businessman Demin first bought shares at Cherries in 2011, and has since acquired full ownership of the club.

And while he maintains his low profile in public, Mostyn insisted Demin remains very invested in the club's progress.

Speaking to BBC Radio Solent, Mostyn said: "Max is a very, very private person. I want to emphasise the fact that there is a big difference between private and not interested, somebody who doesn’t have emotions and can be perceived as a very cold, calculated businessman.

"That is so far from the real Maxim Demin that I know. I’m proud to call Maxim Demin one of my friends and his family one of my friends.

"I have so much respect and love for this person. Without Maxim, we wouldn’t have achieved the impossible dream.

"And if you take all that into account and roll that up into emotion, there was probably nobody on this planet that was more disappointed than Maxim (after the Brentford defeat).

"I was personally disappointed, because in some personal way I felt I’d let him down. My emotions at the end of the Brentford game focused entirely on Maxim.

"It wasn’t just the disappointment of not achieving the goal, but obviously the manner also didn’t help the emotions.

"But all that is history. One thing I love about Maxim is history is one minute ago. We now move forward.

"We’ve all pulled our socks up, we’ve shaken ourselves down and with Maxim’s incredible support, we will go forward and we will create a vision and hopefully achieve a dream that we didn’t achieve last season."

Asked if there was a concern about what could happen to the club if Demin decided one day to move on, Mostyn insisted: "People need to understand that his commitment to the football club has been completely unwavering.

"There has been talk about is he going to walk away because we’re in the Championship? Just cast your mind back to where he started – he started when we were in League One, that’s a long way from the Championship.

"But Maxim has invested in excess of £160million of his own money into the club. What is equally important, probably more important, is he has never taken a penny out and he never will.

"He has ambition. You’re not a successful businessman like Maxim Demin without being successful in everything that you do.

"Therefore, the disappointment when you’re not successful resonates. But like me and like my other board colleagues, we are at our best in the face of adversity.

"There is no way that Maxim would ever leave this football club in a perilous state. That I can assure you.

"As a reassurance to our supporters, you can say that there is greater strength in having one owner than having a board of multiple owners who are in disarray and don’t ever agree with each other.

"With that I can point to, probably, being conservative, 91 other clubs."