PIRATES promoter Danny Ford described the "huge relief" at hearing the diagnosis of Rory Schlein's leg injury, admitting he did "fear the worst" when he saw his number one rider laid out on track.

The 2020 British Champion hooked up with Glasgow number one Craig Cook on the first bend of heat one of the SGB Championship contest at Ashfield Stadium on Friday night, before crashing into the air fence.

Two ambulances treated the 36-year-old before he was forced to withdraw from the meeting and was taken to hospital.

Initial fears were that Schlein could be facing a lengthy spell on the sidelines with concerns over a potential leg break.

However, while the Darwin-born ace is set to miss some action to recover, it is expected he can return in a matter of weeks, rather than months with the injury restricted to muscle damage.

"It’s probably the best case scenario we could’ve hoped for out of that," Ford told the Daily Echo.

"So he’ll miss a couple of weeks, only hopefully a couple of meetings and hopefully in a couple of weeks we’ll be able to welcome him back into the team.

"He’s in good spirits. Initially we were hugely concerned.

"Obviously I went up there to Glasgow and I saw him on track and you always fear the worst in these situations.

"To be honest, he’s lucky to get away with just a mass haematoma on his leg, thankfully no break. So he’s in good spirits and hoping to be back with us in a couple of weeks.

"He was discharged (from hospital) yesterday. He stayed in overnight because they just wanted to keep an eye on him because he had a bleed as well, so they just wanted to make sure he didn’t bleed out or anything. So he stayed in overnight, but he was discharged yesterday."

Taking to Instagram, Schlein confirmed: "I have a mass hematoma on my upper right thigh and a internal bleed in the thigh muscle. Definitely a sore one."

The main question now turns to who will replace Schlein for the meetings he will miss.

Pirates are set to host Berwick Bandits on Wednesday evening, before a trip to Birmingham Brummies the following week.

"I think it’s going to be a meeting by meeting case," Ford said when asked if a guest rider had been found yet.

"Everyone is busy now so we’re just going to take it meeting by meeting and find a guest for each one.

"Hopefully we’ll have our guest sorted tomorrow for our meeting on Wednesday and then we already have plans in place for who we’re going to look to cover Rory the week after. So it’s a little bit frustrating, but it’s just damage control at the minute.

"Thankfully he’s only going to miss a couple of meetings so we can get that covered, whereas if he was potentially missing an entire season, that’s impossible to cover.

"All the riders of that calibre are taken with teams or not riding in the UK this year, so it was a huge relief and we’ll cover him for those couple of meetings and then I’m sure he’ll slot back in and start firing again once he does come back."

Without Schlein, Pirates fell to a 52-38 loss at Glasgow, leaving them without a win from their opening two meetings so far.

Discussing the tough challenge Poole faced without Schlein on Friday night, Ford said: "It’s effectively like losing Harry Kane in the first minute for England. You’re losing your best rider before they’ve even had a chance to make an impact.

"It was an absolute nightmare situation and the boys put up a brilliant battle to try and cover for Rory in his absence, but we just ran out of steam a little bit towards the end.

"But we’ll have a guest for him come Wednesday and hopefully he’s not out for too long and we can do the business while he’s missing."