BOSS Jonathan Woodgate and Cherries players have sent a powerful message ahead of this weekend's social media boycott.

From 3pm this afternoon until 11.59pm on Monday, all Premier League and EFL clubs, as well as a host of other sporting governing bodies, have taken the decision to remain silent on social media in a bid to battle against online abuse.

The Daily Echo sports team are also joining the boycott.

Many Cherries players this season have received online abuse, with Junior Stanislas, Chris Mepham and Jefferson Lerma among those to speak out on the subject.

Some members of the squad united for a powerful video to share their experiences, ahead of the blackout.

Arnaut Danjuma said: "As a footballer, you have to deal with racial abuse on a day-to-day basis. I think people don't really understand the impact it can have on players as well.

"The more we unite, the more we can do together."

Philip Billing added: "At the end of the day we're still human beings. In my case I play football for a living. You might score against a team or you might have a bad game and you get abuse from it.

"We have families as well and they are going to see the abuse we're getting. I don't think people think about that, they just abuse someone. That's why I think this boycott is a good choice.

"You can of course criticise people, but there's a difference between criticising people and abusing people."

And Mepham said: "What I personally received a couple of months back, for me was way over the top.

"Everyone in this changing room wants to do well, no-one wants to make mistakes, no-one wants to have a bad performance. So I don't think we should receive the abuse we receive when a mistake does happen.

"Companies need to do more, it has to happen."

The players concluded: "Enough is enough."

Meanwhile, speaking at his pre-match press conference, boss Woodgate was asked about the boycott.

"It has to start somewhere," he began.

"Social media platforms should do a lot more. It shouldn't just take us to do it, they should ban it. They don't, so we have to make a stand on it so we're supporting it 100 per cent.

"We've had players who have been abused in the squad. It's not nice at all.

"The way I look at it, people wouldn't say it to your face. They're too scared to say it to your face.

"All they'll do is hide behind a keyboard and tap away and think it's funny. Well, it isn't funny. It needs to stop.

"I don't want to see anyone suffering. Like with Junior and Jefferson and Meps, myself as well after being at Middlesbrough. You get abused left, right and centre. It's not nice.

"They say you've got to have a thick skin, but something has to be done about it.

"The platforms should do a lot more. They have to start doing a lot more. We're starting to do it now, so hopefully that sends out a message."

He added: "We united over the Super League thing.

"We should have done this a long time ago really. We're doing it now. Football always stands together, no matter your community or if you're a rival, we all stand together."