PROMOTER Danny Ford revealed Pirates had not taken a penny of the Government’s winter phase of its sport survival package, in which speedway clubs were included.

The Government last month announced speedway had been offered £300,000 in loan support to assist in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

But Ford revealed Poole were not considering loan options when looking for assistance.

Asked by the Daily Echo whether the Wimborne Road side had taken any of the loan scheme from the Government, he replied: “It was a difficult one with the loan.

“We were looking at the two Scottish clubs – Glasgow and Edinburgh both got grants. We were hoping for more of the same.

“Ultimately, a loan does bring with it some debt and, right now, we are not finding ourselves in a position where we want to take on more debt.

“Obviously, things are uncertain and the last thing we found ourselves wanting to do from a business point of view is to take on more debt, when things are still a little bit uncertain.”

As well as speedway, horse racing, rugby league and drag racing were also included on the list of beneficiaries of loan support.

“It won’t work for us. It may work for other clubs and all power to them,” said the Poole promoter.

“If it does work for them and they find themselves that they need to take that initial cash injection just to get up and running, that’s great for them.

“We won’t be doing that at this time but we’ve seen how quickly things can change. Hopefully, maybe something does pop up that’s a little more suited to us.”

Pirates are set to begin their campaign with an away cup fixture at Plymouth on May 25.