DAVEY Watt has admitted it feels like "I'm coming back home" after re-joining Pirates.

The Australian, who celebrates his 30th birthday on January 6, represented the club at reserve and second string in 2003 and 2004.

But, despite helping Poole win the Elite League title in both years, his primary tracks then were King's Lynn and Rye House in the Premier League.

In all, Watt only rode 33 Elite League and cup matches for Pirates but rattled up 159 points from 127 rides.

So, after spending time on loan at top-flight Eastbourne and Oxford over the past three seasons, he says it is great being back at the club who own his British contract.

Watt, who lives in Upton with his fiance Fiona Owen and their daughter Madison, said: "It's a strange thing really. It's like I am coming back home.

"I'm really looking forward to it. It has been a long time coming and I'm glad it is finally here.

"The reason I say it is strange is because I feel it has been a long time since I rode for Poole.

"It feels great to be back riding for Pirates."

Watt added: "Actually, I have never ridden for Poole full time, only as a doubling up rider.

"In 2004 I only rode for half a season and ended up breaking my leg and spending six weeks on the sidelines.

"Poole got someone in to replace me and that was my stint with Pirates. At least I can come back and I'm a different rider.

"I look forward to coming back to Poole at the other end of the team than last time."

Watt, who will spearhead Castle Cover Pirates alongside Bjarne Pedersen after coming in on a 8.06 figure, continued: "I hope I should be able to put a point on my average without a lot of hassle.

"I put a lot of effort into last season and I'm looking to do it again.

"Also, I think Poole have a fantastic team.

"It is not only the league I think we can do well in. We can do well in all aspects of the season, in the pairs meeting, in the league, the KO Cup, everything.

"It's a progressive team, everyone in it can raise their game comfortably, and that's what wins trophies."

Watt had appeared to be on the verge of being sold to Eastbourne, where he was a big hit, several times during the past three years.

However, two changes of promotion and the shock arrival of Scott Nicholls and Lee Richardson for 2008 meant it didn't happen.

Talking about the situation, Watt said: "I didn't really have a choice (where I went).

"I felt it was just a formality I was going back to Eastbourne because that was stated for a long time by their management and previous management.

"But big changes have taken place during the process and I was left out of their plans.

"I was speaking to Matt Ford at the beginning of our off-season, and although we're good friends, we never really spoke too much about the rider side of speedway.

"Then when he asked me (if I wanted to ride for Poole) it took a minute to sort out. It was very simple.

"It makes life a bit easier when both parties are very keen to do a deal. It's quite easy to sort out."