PETERBOROUGH have pulled off the shock signing of Pirates legend Bjarne Pedersen.

Dane Pedersen, who was world number six in 2005, has three top-flight British titles under his belt with Poole but has not featured in this country since 2016.

The former Grand Prix star is the second-highest points scorer in Pirates’ history.

He now returns to Britain for a farewell campaign at the age of 42, having confirmed he intends to call time on his racing career.

Pedersen said: “Everyone knows I’ve had some great times in England, and I want to do really well for Peterborough.

“It’s come at the perfect time for me. To be honest, I was thinking perhaps I might get a call later in the year but for me to do this now is perfect.

“I know six of the Peterborough team and I’m sure we will get a good team spirit going.

“I’m really looking forward to it and I hope we can get going in May, things look like they are improving slowly over there.

“I also love the Peterborough track, the Showground has always been one of my favourites in the UK.”

Peterborough are set to compete in a six-team SGB Premiership this season, also including Belle Vue, Ipswich, King’s Lynn, Sheffield and Wolverhampton.