PIRATES promoter Danny Ford hinted at a “few changes” to the Poole one-to-seven ahead of the 2021 campaign, as they get set to finalise their team line-up.

Pirates have already confirmed they would have to make one change due to the new ‘rising star’ initiative in the sport – which sees teams having to track at least one British youngster.

Poole had planned to keep their 2020 septet of Danny King, Steve Worrall, Adam Ellis, Stefan Nielsen, Zane Keleher, Josh MacDonald and Ben Cook.

But Wimborne Road chief Ford insisted there would be some adjustments to plan for the fresh regulations.

He told the Daily Echo: “Unfortunately, we are one of the few teams who are going to suffer the new rules.

“We had two Aussies lined up at reserve – meaning we will have to get rid of one of them to bring in a young brit.

“We kind of see it as a necessary evil. We are willing to make the sacrifice for the good of the sport.

“It’s never nice to say goodbye to riders but it could be a little bit of a fresh start for us.

“We are willing to take that hit and finalising our one to seven now.

“There may be a few changes in the next week or so.

“Bear with us and as our fans know, we will always look to put out a strong team and hopefully challenge for silverware again this season.”

British speedway have opted to back young Brits as part of a future strategy for the sport.

The decision also comes after rider restrictions in Poland limit the participants of riders across Europe.

The top-flight Polish Ekstraliga have said their riders can only ride in one other league.

Second and third divisions have said their racers can ride two other divisions.

Asked about the rising star addition to British speedway, Ford said: “I think as a whole, the new regulations coming are a really positive thing.

“We are looking to back the young Brits. Regulations brought in by Poland have forced us to do that but I think it’s a good chance for us to build and develop young British talent.

“It’s crazy but this has been a bizarre, crazy 18 months. We understand the need for it and the need to make the sacrifices for the good of the sport.

“We are more than willing to do that as long as the sport can survive through this pandemic and hopefully build for a better future.”