PIRATES promoter Danny Ford signified the club’s intentions to compete in the 2021 SGB Championship season, with rules to be determined by league chiefs on Thursday.

Ford is set to be present for the British Speedway AGM, with the governing body hopeful of a start to the season in May.

Premiership champions Swindon have announced they would not be competing in the top-flight in 2021.

But Ford insisted whatever form the second tier would take this season, Pirates were planning to be in the mix.

He told the Daily Echo: “We are planning to run. Whatever format the league does take, we are keen, our riders are keen and we are looking forward to hopefully some sort of season.

“Obviously losing Swindon is a massive blow for the Premiership but our plans stay the same. We are committed to the Championship for 2021.”

British speedway could also be hit due to new regulations in Poland.

The top-flight Ekstraliga have said their riders can only ride in one other league. Second and third divisions have said their racers can ride two other divisions.

That means some riders competing in Poland could not be set to head to Britain this season – and opt to venture elsewhere in Europe.

Ford added: “We have the AGM on Thursday. I believe some kind of rule changes are likely to come from that, given what has been the situation in the Premiership, in terms of rider availability because of the Polish rules.

“We are going into Thursday seeking confirmation of what those changes are and some clarity, so that we can announce our one-to-seven as soon as possible.

“All of our riders were keen to come back. These rules and this pandemic have put a little bit of a mist over that.

“As soon as we can, we will start announcing a line-up and giving everyone a bit of confirmation and clarity on it.”