POOLE Pirates charger Zane Keleher has finally returned to his homeland - after the 2020 speedway season that never was.

Set to make his British debut in the skull and crossbones, the Aussie charger was unable to turn a wheel for the Dorset outfit after the SGB Championship campaign was cancelled due to COVID-19.

To add to his heartbreak, Keleher faced a three-month battle to return back down under, before finally catching a flight this week.

Australian restrictions on coronavirus mean the Rockhampton-born racer must now quarantine for two weeks in a motel room, before seeing his friends and family in the flesh.

Speaking on his official Youtube channel, Keleher said: “I touched down in Sydney on Monday at about 9pm. It took us about two hours to get out of the airport, through the health screening, through customs.

“We got escorted onto a bus by the Australian defence force and the Australian federal police – then we got booked into a motel and escorted up to my room by the defence force.

“I’ve got to do the mandatory quarantine here in Sydney before they’ll let me go to Queensland and back to normal life.”