DANNY Ford admitted his frustration over not being able to see Pirates compete this season but insisted: “We are going to come back stronger next year.”

The Pirates promoter was speaking after British Speedway Promoters Ltd on Tuesday announced “with great reluctance and disappointment” professional leagues would be cancelled in 2020.

A decision to axe the league campaigns came after the sport was halted in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week set out the target of October to have fans back in sporting stadiums – meaning time had run out for speedway to hold a reduced elite level campaign.

Ford was informed yesterday morning a decision had been made regarding the 2020 season – he and father, club owner Matt, informed Pirates’ riders of the news.

“Gutted is the word,” Danny Ford told the Daily Echo.

“I felt we had a good buzz about the place coming into the season, a completely new-look team, new league and it’s very frustrating but, ultimately, it’s done for the right reasons.

“With no elite stadia sports allowed to run (with fans) until October – that was red flags.

“I knew the board were going to have a discussion to make up their minds. That’s the decision they’ve made and I fully respect that decision.

“I kind of wish it had just come a bit earlier. We have all been left in the dark for a little bit.

“That limbo period has been the thing that’s really hurt us more than anything. If the decision had come straight away, then you have time to get your head around it and it’s easier on your mind.

“It was no-one’s fault but it’s one of those things, unfortunately.

“It’s been tough. With it being my first full season in this role, I put a lot of work in during the off season. A lot of us did and we were really excited for the season.

“It’s quite disheartening but now we will try to prepare as best as we can for next year and come back stronger.”

Danny Ford confirmed to the Daily Echo Pirates would look to run with the same SGB Championship septet in 2021, as they had organised for this season.

“All the boys are now looking on to next year,” he added.

“It wasn’t a nice conversation to have when I spoke to a few of them and said we wouldn’t be able to ride this year.

“We wanted to run as much as they wanted to ride.

“They are all fully committed to riding next year and doing their best in the skull and crossbones.

“We are fully committed to running next year with that same one-to-seven in the Championship as we planned this year.

“That will still be pending with discussions with the BSPA and what’s decided at management meetings but that will be the plan.

“We are going to come back stronger next year – things are going to be even better and we will make 2021 one to remember.”