PIRATES signing Josh MacDonald admitted he was nervous when Sheffield went up a league – leaving him needing a new club.

MacDonald made his British debut in South Yorkshire last season but was relieved to be handed an opportunity by Poole.

He is hoping he gets the chance to ride for them this season, with the wait continuing for racing to start.

“I was a bit nervous when Sheffield went up and I needed a new club,” he told British Speedway’s social media team.

“We made contact with Poole and I’m so pleased to be with them, I couldn’t wish for a better club to go to once I couldn’t ride for Sheffield.”

MacDonald has been keeping busy during the shutdown thanks to a job opportunity.

He said: “For a while I was just sitting on the couch watching Netflix, but then I picked up some work in Barnsley which was good, thanks to PBHS.

“I’ve been combining that with keeping fit so I got through lockdown staying active.”