EDDIE Howe insisted he understood fans’ frustrations over the pending departure of Ryan Fraser from Cherries and added: “It shouldn’t have ended like this.”

The Cherries boss confirmed the 26-year-old would not play a part in the club’s nine-game Premier League survival mission, having declined to sign a short-term contract for the rest of the season.

The Scotsman’s decision has not gone down well with supporters at Vitality Stadium, who first welcomed the winger from Aberdeen more than seven years ago.

Howe said: “I totally understand the fans’ frustration because they want to see the best players committed and playing for Bournemouth – especially in our current position.

“I totally understand everyone’s feelings, frustrations towards the situation.

“But there’s always two sides to every story, you always have to turn around and look at things from the other person’s perspective.

“Ryan’s put himself in this position and then he’s felt this is the only conclusion he can take for him and that’s his right to make that call.

“We have no say in that, he has to make the decision for himself.”

The Cherries boss added: “I’m sad for him because he’s had a really good link with the supporters, they’ve really loved him in his time here and now, for it to end the way it has done, is uncomfortable for me.

“I’m disappointed for him that his legacy here will be around his departure, rather than the good things he did during his time.

“I’ve enjoyed working with Ryan. When you look at his career progression since he signed for us to where he is now, it’s been one of huge positivity, progression and improvement.

“That only happens from a player that is totally committed to what he’s doing.

“It’s sad that people will focus on how he left.

“Lots of sad emotions for me because it shouldn’t have ended like this.”