MAGNUS Zetterstrom admitted “I can’t believe I’m back on top of the Elite League” after inspiring Pirates to a crushing 55-37 home win over Wolves.

Zorro, as the Swede is called, lowered British Grand Prix champion Chris Harris’ colours as he produced a sparkling 15 paid 17-point performance.

Victory lifted Poole above Swindon into perch position on superior race points difference for the first time this season.

And Zorro, who reaped the dividends of a special solo practice session a day previously, helped the feel good factor return to Wimborne Road after Pirates had lost their previous two home meetings.

Zetterstrom, who had used a new Phil Crump-serviced engine for the first time, said: “It’s great to be in a Poole team that is top of the Elite again.

“The last time I was here was when we won the Elite League in 2004, and it’s been a long time.”

“You always think what a good feeling it would be if you could do something like that again, and that’s how I feel now.”

Pirates 55: 1 Chris Holder 12+2, 2 Freddie Eriksson 5+2, 3 Bjarne Pedersen 7, 4 Adam Skornicki 6+2, 5 Davey Watt 10+1, 6 Magnus Zetterstrom 15+2, 7 Daniel Davidsson 0.