PIRATES’ title hopes suffered a major setback as they were deservedly turned over 46-44 by bottom-of-the-table Peterborough.

Panthers’ unexpected triumph, on a sombre night at Wimborne Road when they could quite easily have won by far more than just two points, will be a big concern for Poole’s promotion and fans.

On paper, this should have been almost a no-contest. Peterborough had been getting hammered heavily away before they only lost 46-44 at Eastbourne and were marooned at the foot of the league when they arrived at Poole Stadium.

But Hans Andersen, who got 16 points, Morten Risager, who got 10 paid 11, Daniel King, who got nine paid 10, and the rest of six-man Panthers clearly had not read the script, however.

Defeat left Neil Middleditch’s men fourth in the Elite League, still trailing the likes of Swindon, Lakeside and Ipswich.

Pirates: 1 Chris Holder 9, 2 Freddie Eriksson 4+1, 3 Bjarne Pedersen 13, 4 Adam Skornicki 2, 5 Davey Watt 5+1, 6 Magnus Zetterstrom 5, 7 Daniel Davidsson 6.