NATHAN Ake is currently looking to hit the right notes off the pitch during football’s shutdown – having tasked himself with learning the piano.

The 25-year-old has been an instant hit with Cherries’ fans since signing for the club permanently from Chelsea for £20million in 2017, following a successful loan spell.

Ake already speaks an array of languages to showcase his off-field talent.

And the Netherlands international is now attempting to pass the time of lockdown with music.

He told afcbTV: “The first few weeks of when this all started, I got a piano.

“I always wanted to play but I never really had time and I never really thought I’d teach myself and stuff.

“But now we’ve got a piano, I downloaded an app on the iPhone and I am just playing almost every day.

“It keeps my brain going, you know? Practicing new skills and stuff like that, and it’s actually going okay. I am actually enjoying it as well.”

Eddie Howe has also revealed he has been learning the piano.