GOALKEEPER Aaron Ramsdale said he was “fortunate” to have his parents keeping him sharp during football’s shutdown – even his dad has picked up an injury!

The England under-21 international is back living at home while the Premier League is suspended and revealed his mum and dad had been helping with goalkeeping drills, as part of his daily exercise.

The Cherries star’s father was a 400m hurdler and twice ran for Great Britain, while his mother had trials for England at netball.

And the talented shot-stopper, who has been unable to work face-to-face with the Dorset club’s goalkeeping department amid COVID-19, was still glad to be put through his paces.

Speaking on talkSPORT, the 21-year-old said: “I am very fortunate for my mum and dad, who still take me down the park to this day and will kick balls at me – even if it just needs to be thrown at me for crossing and stuff like that.

“We are still getting down to the local football club, just the three of us.

“To be honest, I think my dad’s pulled his quad. We haven’t been down in a few days – it’s either that, or he just wanted a beer.”

The Cherries keeper has also been out in the garden passing the time – much to the detriment of his parents’ surroundings.

“My mum and dad painted the fences a couple of weeks ago,” he added. “Two days after it was finished, we smashed it playing football in the garden.

“Two days ago, me and my brother who is staying in the house with us, we played some cricket in the garden and it started raining.

“We were marking middle and leg and we’ve absolutely dug up the ground. It’s all worth it because I’m the favourite and I get to stay at the house.”

The goalkeeper was enjoying his breakthrough season at Cherries before the campaign was halted due to coronavirus.

He made his Premier League debut against former club Sheffield United back in August and has gone on to make 28 appearances in the top flight.

But with discussions ongoing about project restart, Ramsdale insists the return should not be rushed.

He said: “I’m confident it will get resolved but I am also a bit nervous that it will try and get resolved too quickly.

“There’s still lots of people out there who are getting hurt and suffering from this pandemic.

“As long as we can do it in a safe environment and the risk of people catching whatever is out there lowers, then I’m all for it.

“It will definitely be a change, especially if we go into having no fans or neutral grounds.

“But it’s something that, when the time is right, we’ve all got to just dig in and get on with it.

“We just need to make sure everyone’s welfare and health is first and foremost, and the priority, and then we can try to get back to work and try to put smiles on peoples’ faces.”