WHILE Pirates wait to begin a new era in the SGB Championship this season - one man who has the club in his blood is ensuring they are equipped for the future.

Co-promoter Danny Ford counts this campaign as his first full season at the helm, having taken on a more hands-on role from owner and father Matt for 2020.

While Matt is busy preparing his stunning Chateau La Briance for when the holiday season can begin in France – Oakdale resident Danny is hard at work with the day-to-day running of speedway’s most successful modern era side.

When Matt took control of the club in 1998, Danny was just a child.

Eight top-flight league titles later, the Wimborne Road outfit had been dominant, with Danny growing up watching them every step of the way.

A senior project manager at Poole-based Bespoke 4 Business, Danny could have carried on full-time in his flourishing role with that company and continued to support Pirates as a fan.

But when the opportunity arose to work and learn from his dad, there was only one option.

“I am honoured. Poole speedway for me is the ultimate thing,” Danny exclusively told the Daily Echo.

“I am a massive speedway fan and the fact I can help this club in any way shape or form is absolutely huge for me.

“I really am putting all my heart into it and I really hope that we can progress, improve, win some trophies and the club is successful.”

Back in October last year, Poole announced their intention to return to the second tier of British speedway for the first time since 1990.

With a new team assembled and preparations now complete, the coronavirus outbreak is dictating when Pirates can set sail on their new beginning.

But for Danny – the hard work will not stop.

Asked how preparation had been over the winter, the 25-year-old replied: “Busy, that’s all I can say! It has been massively busy.

“It is no small undertaking running a speedway club. I don’t know if people fully understand what does go into it.

“Being a speedway promoter is almost a 24-7 job. You can get a call at God knows what time at night and there is an emergency that needs to be sorted out.

“That’s now being passed to me. Maybe I wasn’t anticipating quite so much of it but I’m taking it all in my stride.

“Every minute detail has to be run past someone - and that person now is me.

“There is a lot to do in terms of sorting the track but also in terms of the promotion of the club, getting sponsors on board and sorting out all the riders – it’s a hell of a lot.

“But I feel we are in a good position now and I am looking forward to seeing all of that work I have put in come to fruition.

“I count this as my first full year in the role – there is a lot for me to learn. I am not going to do everything perfectly first time.

“I have a lot of my own ideas. Some that will work, some that won’t and it’s good to get feedback.”

So, what’s it like when father and son have a disagreement over a decision to be made at Wimborne Road?

“I wouldn’t say it’s always been hugely easy. We disagree on some things,” admitted Danny.

“I am coming in from a slightly different point of view. I’ve got my own ideas – maybe things he isn’t too familiar with in terms of the social media side of things.

“But for the most part it’s been quite smooth. When big decisions come along, I make sure he’s happy with them.

“Ultimately, it’s his club. He has the say in the end and is the owner.

“I try to get my point across and I’m no pushover! Once I have laid out my argument and he has laid out his, we will come to an agreement.

“He has so much experience – it would be silly for me not to utilise that. Anything I’m unsure of I still run past him. It’s a good working relationship.”