OWNER Matt Ford believes Pirates star Stefan Nielsen “ups his game” when donning the skull and crossbones – and likened him Aussie ace Dave Watt.

Nielsen was confirmed in Poole’s 2020 SGB Championship septet back in November, having represented the Wimborne Road side for a short Premiership spell in 2018.

The Esbjerg-born charger came in to replace James Shanes but saw his time in the skull and crossbones last just four meetings, after breaking his leg in a spectacular home-straight crash against Wolverhampton.

He scored 22 paid 26 across those outings, including an impressive 11 paid 13 against Rye House at Wimborne Road.

He has returned to the club on a 4.40 Championship average this time round.

Ford told Speedway Portal: “Stefan Nielsen just ups his game when he rides for Poole. He is one of those riders to me, like Dave Watt.

“People used to moan about Dave when he rode for other clubs because he never quite upped his game in the same way that he did for Poole.

“I see Stefan in that ilk.”