STEVE Worrall said it had been a “no-brainer” to join up with Pirates for 2020 – and tipped the club for silverware when the season gets going.

Worrall was the first of Pirates’ new-look Championship septet to be announced for the upcoming campaign, which is currently postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But the former Newcastle number one, who was second to team-mate Danny King in the Ben Fund Bonanza earlier this month, believes Poole will be a “good move” for him.

Worrall told SpeedwayGB: “It feels fabulous. A club with that amount of history and such rich history – when the opportunity came I couldn’t turn it down.

“It’s Poole’s position at the minute. That’s the league they want to be in and when I got the call, I couldn’t say no.

“With the fantastic team they’ve put together, it was a no brainer. I think it’s a really good move for myself and hopefully we will get some silverware with it.

“I really do (think that) because we have built a really strong top three with myself, Danny (King) and Adam (Ellis). Then we’ve got power at reserve.

“All teams that seem to succeed have that power at reserve and the way Poole is built is around that way.”

Earlier this month before the coronavirus outbreak in the UK, Pirates visited owner Matt Ford’s Chateau La Briance.

“After spending a couple of days with the guys in France, it’s been the best thing I think for team building,” said Worrall.

“The two new Aussies (Ben Cook and Zane Keleher), they are not really familiar. The rest, we know eachother and we can get on and everything else.

“But I think for the new guys blending in and fitting in – when you arrive at the track you are kind of in race mode, you’re not that social person.

“So I think having that time was brilliant. We are already such a good group of friends and that will have a big effect for the start of the season.”