PIRATES ace Stefan Nielsen revealed he had been self-isolating as a precaution amid the coronavirus outbreak but added: “I am slowly starting to feel better.”

The 25-year-old admitted he “wasn’t feeling too great” and adhered to government guidelines of self-isolation to be “ultra-cautious”.

He told the club website: “I wasn't feeling too great and the last thing I wanted to do was risk passing anything on to anyone else, especially as every day that passes it seems to be getting more and more serious, so I chose to go into self-isolation and be ultra-cautious.

“I am no expert on this COVID-19 stuff, so I am just following the guidelines given to me and hopefully that is coming from people that do know what they are talking about.

“They are just trying to help us get through this difficult time as quick and as efficiently as possible and, most importantly, looking out for everyone's safety.

“I am pleased to say that I am slowly starting to feel better and am really looking forward to get back to my running and build up my fitness.”

Based in the UK but born in Esbjerg, Nielsen also has family in Denmark.

He is regularly on the phone to his Dad, who works at Billund airport.

"They went on a sort of lockdown not too long ago and they advised all the Danes to go home and blocked all the flights to and from Denmark,” he added.

“Dad had a busy period at work for a little while with lots of panic going on, but that has all quietened down enough for him to have his first day off work on Thursday of last week.”

Nielsen re-joined Pirates on a 4.40 average in the SGB Championship this season, having represented them for a short spell in the SGB Premiership in May 2018 before injury curtailed his first spell at Wimborne Road.

“All three bikes are done and ready to go, I have just got to pick up a couple of them from my workshop and I am away," he added.