EDDIE Howe admits "already I'm missing football" as uncertainty continues over when the Premier League could resume, adding: "We have to make sure that everyone’s health around the world takes priority."

Cherries' scheduled clash with Crystal Palace on Saturday was called off as England's top four leagues chose to postpone matches due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This weekend's trip to Wolves has also been postponed with the league currently suspended until April 4. The Premier League is due to meet on Thursday to discuss future plans.

Speaking to afcbTV, boss Howe said: "It’s been such a strange time, something you can never foresee at the start of the season or even a couple of weeks ago, never foresee what would have happened. Of course football stops and has stopped.

"I personally think it’s the right decision. I think now we have to make sure that everyone’s health around the world takes priority.

"We’ll follow the guidelines given obviously but I think there comes a time when you have to put the health of the players and the immediate staff here first, but also it’s more than that, it’s the health of our supporters, stewards and everyone connected that makes the game of football go ahead.

"With what we’re being told and what may lie ahead for us in terms of the country, health of everyone, the elderly especially is the most important thing."

There remains uncertainty as to when the season could resume. At present, Cherries are due to host Newcastle United on April 4.

"It’s difficult to have too many thoughts," said Howe when asked about how the situation of trying to finish the season could be resolved.

"I know there’s been a lot of things bandied about and people speaking about different scenarios. I think it’s one of those situations where we just have to wait for what the Premier League discuss and what they ultimately come up with. We’ll follow whatever plan is given.

"It’s strange, it’s only been a few days but already I’m missing football. For me, playing football is what we’re here to do but if we can’t then I think we have to respect that."

He added: "It’s difficult to follow it all because you just don’t know. There’s talk about cancelling the Euros, that may be one solution to get the season finished.

"Then you’ve got the problem of players being out of contract so there’s a whole host of things they’re going to have to consider and try and make the right call for the league, for the players, for the supporters, it’s a difficult mix. I don’t think there’s going to be one scenario that fits everybody.

"People will probably have to in there take a hit, someone will have to take a hit down the line, I just hope it’s not us."

Cherries players are currently away from the club working on personal fitness regimes before returning to training next Monday.

Asked what he aims to do in the next week, Howe said: "My plans are pretty normal bar the taking of the training sessions.

"So it’s to prepare for our next game, which is Newcastle to try and get plans in place for events that may follow ahead of us. So just try and make sure we’re not caught short depending on what scenario unfolds."