PIRATES star Steve Worrall has joined the line-up for the Ben Fund Bonanza on Saturday, March 14.

With the event fast approaching at Scunthorpe, more vital funds for the Speedway Riders’ Benevolent Fund are set to be raised.

Worrall, who will line-up for Belle Vue and Poole this season, is happy he is able to “give something back” to the fund for all their help in recent years.

“It makes no difference to me how early my season starts,” he said.

“I’m all for starting early and getting plenty of laps in before everything starts to get really busy.

“The Benevolent Fund is a life saver for riders, a lot of us have speedway as our only source of income so if things do go wrong then we are very lucky to have help like this available to us.

“Any opportunity that comes up where I’m able to give something back I will.

“The meeting always generates a great line-up so it’s the perfect time to see where I am with preparations for the new season.”

Worrall became the first team member announced for the Wimborne Road outfit’s SGB Championship title challenge in 2020.