AARON Ramsdale revealed how blaring out a 90s pop classic from Italian singer-songwriter Gala had become part of Cherries’ routine after sealing a Premier League victory.

The goalkeeper was not even born when the track ‘Freed From Desire’ was first released back in 1996.

It reached number two in the UK charts in 1997 – but found the top spot in Belgium and France.

Ramsdale said how the Eurodance anthem had now taken on a special role of getting the squad going after earning three points in the top flight.

He said: “That's our winning song which we haven't had the pleasure of playing too many times this season. We've had the feeling now for the past two weeks.

“We want that feeling more and more towards the end of the season to help us reach our goal in the end.

“It was something we brought in this season. I think we had a few songs last year if I can remember where we'd win and it got the boys going and we had a bit of a dance but it would change all the time.

“But we've picked a song now. We get the lads going and we have a good 10 minutes.

“Then it's, not back down to earth, but back down to thinking about what's just happened and then moving forward. We're not getting too high and not getting too low, that's the main thing.”

Cherries hit the right notes in Saturday’s 2-1 home victory over Aston Villa – a gutsy performance which saw them climb out of the bottom three of the division.

And former Sheffield United man Ramsdale revealed how it was after the reverse fixture – a 2-1 win at Villa Park back in August – where the winning song first emerged in the dressing room.

Asked who picked the track, the England under-21 international replied: “I don't know actually. It was at Villa Park when we won 2-1, it just came on.

“It was strange because we had just a few of the lads just having a little bit of fun. That was the second game of the season.

“I think Tinners (Jason Tindall), Simon Weatherstone and big Steve Fletcher, they joined in and had a dance around and I think that's sort of how it came about.

“Now that's routine when we win.”