SUCCESS sorcerer Eddie Howe said if there was any magic left over from actor James Phelps’s visit to Cherries – they would certainly take it!

The world-famous performer, best known for playing Fred Weasley in the blockbuster Harry Potter films, visited the Dorset club’s training ground on Thursday.

Ryan Fraser and Nathan Ake, who both played in Cherries’ magical 3-1 victory over Brighton on Tuesday, stopped for a picture with the 33-year-old.

Wing wizard Fraser’s Instagram account posted a photo of himself and Ake with Phelps along with the caption: “Big Harry Potter fan so was a pleasure to meet @jamesphelps_pictures wand-ering around the club.”

Defender Ake, who has once again enchanted Cherries’ fans with his displays this season, added on his account: “Was nice to meet @jamesphelps_pictures. Secretly big Harry Potter fans.”

Asked about the actor’s guest appearance at Vitality Stadium, Howe told the Daily Echo: “I didn’t know too much about it to be honest.

“It’s not like we were looking for some wizardry to come in and make a difference to us!

“I think it’s something that’s just happened – a little bit by coincidence – but if there is any magic to be had, we will certainly take it!

“We invite people in from many walks of life.

“Of course, if there’s someone that we think the lads might be interested in meeting or there might be some connection there, I think it’s nice to be able to do that.”

Howe’s men will look to harness the magic of the FA Cup on Monday.

They aim to reduce big guns Arsenal to mere muggles when they meet in the fourth round at Vitality Stadium (8pm).

Quizzed on whether he was a fan of Harry Potter himself, Howe replied: “I should lie here but I have never actually seen a Harry Potter movie, so I apologise, but I can’t say whether he (Phelps) is any good or not! I’ve got no idea.”

Asked what he would wish for if he had a magic wand, the manager said: “To win the next game.”