DANNY Ford revealed Pirates will be kitted out in official club race suits for 2020 - and fans can have the chance to own them.

Pirates donned race jackets for their 2018 70th anniversary campaign and stuck with them for the 2019 season.

But Ford revealed race suits would be back for the Wimborne Road outfit’s return to the second tier.

He said: “We haven’t had race suits for a couple of seasons now.

“In that time, we have received a number of comments from supporters expressing the fact that they miss the uniformity of a club race suit and that they make it easier for the riders to be associated with the club’s identity.”

A rider’s suit will be available for individual sponsorship, with the name of the sponsor being incorporated into the suit.

At the end of the season, the sponsor will receive the race suit and a signed photo of their sponsored rider. “This kind of sponsorship scheme has proved popular with other clubs and we felt that it would be a good route for us to take,” said Ford.

“We will have a scale of rates for the sponsorship, ranging from heat leader down to reserve and details can be obtained by contacting us.

“We are also interested to hear from local or national companies who might be interested in becoming a club sponsor, which would also entitle them to have their logos or corporate identities included in our race suits.”

Pirates have named five of their seven riders for 2020. For more information on sponsoring a rider’s suit, email info@poole-speedway.com.