SCOTT Mitchell admits "I have no idea what I've won this year" for his efforts at the BDO World Championship.

The Bransgore thrower reached the semi-finals of the event in London before losing 6-3 to eventual winner Wayne Warren on Saturday.

As widely reported shortly prior to the event, players were informed by the BDO that prize money would be "reduced somewhat" due to poor ticket sales at the new Indigo at the O2 venue, having moved from Lakeside in Surrey.

Mitchell won £100,000 when he lifted the trophy back in 2015. But Scotty Dog, who is set to compete at Q School in a bid to join rival organisation the PDC later this week, is unclear how much he will pocket for his run to the last four.

"My honest answer is no, I do not know what I have won," Mitchell told the Daily Echo.

"I know that I’ve lost in the semi-final, I know what I would’ve won last year, but obviously with the changes I have no idea what I’ve won this year.

"I never had any official word at any point in time of what the breakdown in prize money would be, I never saw a breakdown of the prize money. One or two of the other guys say they have.

"But to be honest I was trying to concentrate on playing. A lot of it is never about the money for me.

"I was just concentrating on trying to be world champion again.

"But it’s not an ideal situation. I don’t think that’s ever happened to any other set of players before, they haven’t known what they’re playing for before they’ve put their toe to the oche and thrown a dart."

He added: "I do believe that if the BDO had £3million to pay the winner of the World Championships, then they would pay it out.

"It’s not that they’re sat there trying to keep hold of it. They’re paying out what they can afford to pay out."

Mitchell reached the semi-finals following an epic late-night 5-4 win over Scott Waites.

But having returned to the oche just hours later to face Warren, he admits tiredness took over.

Mitchell said: "The 12 or 15 hour turnaround whatever it was, I think that may have been a different result in the evening but fair play to Wayne, he was good enough at the time.

"He did what he needed to do. There were just a couple of turning points in the game. I got myself in a position to win it so I can’t complain about the times really."

He added: "It was difficult to come down after the Waites game because the adrenalin was still pumping until about two in the morning.

"While you’re still pumping like that, your body just does not shut down. It doesn’t allow you to sleep. You just can’t sleep.

"We came back out (from the break) at 3-3 and I really did then feel tired.

"There’s highs and lows in these games the longer that they go on and you’ve just got to peak at the right times. It was energy levels. There’s no excuses. I put myself in a position to win it and I didn’t take the chances."

Warren, 57, went on to defeat fellow Welshman Jim Williams 7-4 in a high-quality final.

Mitchell said: "I couldn’t bear to watch the final if I’m honest. It would’ve killed me."