EDDIE Howe revealed the subject of relegation did not often come up when speaking to Cherries owner Maxim Demin and added: “I don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk negatively about a situation.”

The Dorset club’s tough run of festive form has seen them slip into the bottom three of the Premier League, heading into this afternoon’s clash with Watford at Vitality Stadium (2pm).

And with his side looking to escape the bottom three, Howe insisted the “regular contact” he has with Russian owner Demin has always been positive.

The manager said: “He respects the fact I have a job to do, so I wouldn’t be having in-depth conversations every day but we are definitely in regular contact.

“That’s never changed, never wavered all through our Premier League life, Championship life or League One life – it’s always been the same.

“It’s a relationship that’s very positive and very healthy. He’s given me all the support I need.”

Asked whether the threat of relegation came up much in conversation with Demin, who first invested in Cherries in 2011, Howe replied: “No, he’s not that type of person, he’s a very positive guy. Wants to find solutions to problems.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk negatively about a situation. It’s always about the future and finding a solution.

“I don’t think he’ll be liking it as much as I’m not liking it. I think we share mutually our feelings regarding our situation. We need to fight as much as possible to get out of the position we’re in.”