STEVE Worrall is determined to get back to number one spot as he prepares to start at three for Poole Pirates next season.

The Merseysider, who is one of three riders confirmed for the 2020 Championship campaign, has been snapped up after riding in the second tier for Newcastle last season.

But he will not ride from the top spot, with newly named captain Danny King named as number one. Stefan Nielsen is the other rider announced for the new-look septet.

Speaking in a question and answer session on the Pirates website, Worrall said: "For the last five years, or maybe longer, I’ve always been at number one in any Championship team I’ve been in.

"This year is very strange for myself starting at number three and having two guys above me that are exceptionally good and making it tough for me to get to number one, but that’s what I want to try and do.

"I’ve always seen myself as a number one and to start at three for myself is a bit disappointing.

"It shows what a bad season I had last year, but I’ve been at number one for five years in a row for a reason. That’s what I see myself as so that’s one thing I’d like to try and get back to.

"It will be tough because the two heat leaders are brilliant. It will be tough, but that’s something I want to achieve."

Worrall arrives on a 7.39 average and asked if not starting at number one takes some pressure off his performances in 2020, he added: "I prefer being at number one to be honest.

"I like getting out first, getting on the track and I like the way the programme works when you’re at number one, you’re well spread out.

"You have nice gaps in between your heats so if you have any issues or you’re reading the track, I prefer it at number one.

"Whether it’s just because I’ve become used to it now I don’t know.

"It will take a bit of pressure off because I’ve got two guys at one and five who can go out there and say one person is having a bad night, there’s always two more to pick that up.

"I think that’s a good way of working it because you’re not so reliant on one person then. It’s good for the whole team.

"I don’t think it will take any pressure off, because we all want to win but it will make things a little bit easier."