EDDIE Howe says "the whole club, from top to bottom, is united in supporting Benik" after the former Cherries striker announced the tragic death of his two-year-old daughter Amora over the weekend.

The 26-year-old, who spent more than two years at Cherries before leaving in 2018, released a statement on Sunday, saying he and his family were "devastated and heartbroken" after their two-year-old girl died on Friday following an infection.

The football world have been quick to pay their tributes, with many Cherries stars including Nathan Ake and Joshua King taking to social media to express their support.

James Maddison also revealed a shirt to the television cameras which read 'Benik we're all here for you bro', after Leicester's clash against Everton yesterday.

"It's tragic news for Benik, for Lois and the whole Afobe family," said Howe.

"Knowing them as well as I do, we really feel their pain and share their pain.

"The whole club, from top to bottom, is united in supporting Benik at this time and we send our best wishes to him and his family."

Asked how big of a role team-mates play in helping a player through such tragedy, Howe added: "A huge role. Okay, Benik is no longer with us, but I think once you’re here and you’re part of our family, for me you never leave.

"When I heard the news I just felt desperately sorry for him and his family and everyone connected with the tragedy and I think that’s one of the beauties of this football club.

"I think all our supporters will be thinking of Benik and really hoping he can get through this period in his life because it will be incredibly difficult for him.

"The whole football world I think has reacted brilliantly to it as well.

"I think the support is there for Benik. I saw James Maddison’s shirt yesterday. It was a lovely touch.

"People really are with him at this moment."