DANNY Ford believes Poole Pirates restoring Wednesday night home meetings is going to be "absolutely massive" for the club.

Pirates' position in the SGB Championship was confirmed on Friday following the British Speedway Promoters’ Association AGM in Coventry after their application to drop down from the SGB Premiership was accepted.

Speaking to the Daily Echo last month, owner Matt Ford said: "Financially, it (2019) has easily been the worst year for the club since I have been involved."

And co-promoter Danny Ford hopes returning to race on Wednesdays, as opposed to regular Thursday meetings last season, can help bring more fans back to Wimborne Road.

He told the Daily Echo: "(We are) back to Wednesdays at home, which was a massive thing.

"From a survey we did, a lot more fans than we were anticipating were saying that the change to Thursday race nights were a problem for them.

"Poole speedway have traditionally been on a Wednesday for as long as I can remember, so going back to that traditional Wednesday race night is going to be absolutely massive for us."

Danny Ford also confirmed plans are well underway to start assembling a new side to tackle the second tier, the first time the club will have competed at that level since 1990.

"Team building starts now," said Ford.

"We won’t waste any time doing that and we’ll get on with that as soon as possible and hope to announce some riders fairly soon.

"Now we’re trying to build a bit of excitement about the team and we think the team that we’re starting to shape together looks a very, very strong team and (with) a few faces in there for fans to get excited about, so it’s really exciting."