WIMBORNE Town boss Danny Holmes said he is not afraid to bring in a couple of players to help freshen up his side.

Magpies currently sit 13th in Southern League South and most recently beat Yate Town 2-0 on November 2.

Discussing bringing in new players, Holmes told Radio Wimborne: “We’ve got a bit of competition but I’m not afraid to say I feel that I need to bring a couple in.

“That may happen sooner rather than later. I’m not afraid to be honest.”

Wimborne have won their last two league games which put an end to a run of four consecutive losses.

Holmes continued: “Moving forwards I do believe we need to strengthen.

"I can’t say too much until things are set in stone but at the moment I’m really pleased with the boys, but I think they need some help and protection as well to gel and move forwards.

“None of us are going to be happy with just sneaking a draw, just getting beaten or just getting a win, the boys get frustrated themselves at times.

“I’ll just pick up the pieces of the jigsaw to help us moving forwards. That’s what the club want to do so that’s what I need to do as well.”

Holmes took over Magpies after his brother Matty moved to a new role as the club’s community and academy director of football.

He added: “I’ve been in this job a little while now but I’m still actually learning. I’m not using that as an excuse but you’re learning quick.

“I certainly for a while wanted to keep with what we’ve got but I’m not blind to knowing that we need to better ourselves with fresh faces.

“I want it to be settled but at the same time I think a couple of new faces at times and bringing in new blood does help.

“I’m not rushing out to do that. I just think the boys need to know because it’s good for them.

“They’re competitors and they’ve got to compete for the shirt. I think we’ve looked a bit flat and tired recently. We’ve got a few players coming back but we’ve lost Franklyn (Clarke) now and he was a big player.”

Midfielder Clarke moved to Dorchester Town earlier this month after a little over a year at Wimborne due to "family reasons".