RELIEVED racer Nicolai Klindt revealed Chris Harris had made his Christmas card list after the British star managed to prevent a major accident at Wimborne Road on Monday.

The veteran rider somehow managed to avoid the Dane during heat 12 of Pirates’ 51-39 win over the Ipswich Witches.

After leader Klindt had lost a chain and was sent sprawling into the air fence, somehow Harris managed to cut back and change direction to avoid him.

Klindt told Speedway Portal: “When you come so fast into these corners, we’ve got no brakes and when the chain like that comes off the front or back you have no power on the bike.

“You can’t lay the bike down. You just hold on and hope for the best and luckily nothing happened.

“I think I need to send Chris Harris a Christmas card, that’s for sure! It was very close.

“I could hear someone buzzing past me when I hit the ground and I didn’t think anything of it until I ran in saw the replay. It was like millimetres.

“I’ve got to thank God for me being in one piece.”

Klindt is set to head to King’s Lynn with Pirates on Thursday, knowing victory would see them top the SGB Premiership and earn choice of semi-final play-off opponents.

He added: “We know we can do it. The question is what King’s Lynn side turns up. They are very strong at home.

“On Monday they were missing (Thomas) Jorgensen and (Michael) Palm Toft – are they doing that as well on Thursday? Who knows?

“We can only race what is up against us and we’ve got to focus on our own job.”