EDDIE Howe believes VAR is “going to be an absolute game changer” when it is introduced into the Premier League this weekend.

Having been trialled throughout the rest of the world and in cup competitions in England last season, the video assistant referee is set to be rolled out up and down the country when the top-flight returns tonight.

That will also include Cherries’ match against Sheffield United at Vitality Stadium tomorrow (3pm).

But Howe has reservations about how it will impact games.

The Cherries boss told the Daily Echo: “I think it’s going to be an absolute game changer.

“I think there’s going to be so many twists and turns with VAR this season, not all of it necessarily good for the game in my opinion. But there’s definitely some good to come from it. I think there will be a lot of debate from a lot of people about what we should be doing with it, tweaks that will be made I’m sure throughout its lifespan.

“I just don’t want the supporters really to suffer in any way and lose their enjoyment of what they see. I think that’s the most important part.”

Cherries have been trying to prepare for the introduction of VAR during training sessions with coach Steve Fletcher operating the video reviewing system and goalkeeping coach Neil Moss as referee.

“It’s been interesting to say the least,” explained Howe.

“I think the players have had their say on it. All we’ve tried to do is create a game basically, what will happen come the season, the uncertainty, the length of time in between decisions. We’ve just tried to recreate that in training.

“It’s not been perfect. We’ve tried to do our best with it and those guys have done a really good job trying to recreate that in training. But I don’t think there’s any substitute for what’s going to happen because the emotion of scoring and then finding out you maybe haven’t scored will be a real dampener.

“Dealing with those things is going to be just as important as the actual incidents itself. There’s lots to go through, there’s lots to learn from it I think.”

He added: “It’s the subjective ones that are going to be the contentious issues.

“The ones where the ball is in or out of play, in or out the box on penalties, the offsides, I think are pretty much certain right or wrong, yes or no. I think that’s the real positive side of VAR.

“The subjective things, I think there is going to be big debates on it because even with 20 replays you still don’t know for sure.

“Fletch has had his battles with that and we’ve given him a bit of stick for it, but it’s all been for the right cause.”