Pirates charger Nicolai Klindt revealed how preparation was key to his jam-packed schedule and insisted: “It’s actually better when I’m busy.”

The Danish star is riding in no fewer than four European leagues this season, representing Holsted Tigers in Denmark, TZ Ostrovia in Poland and Lejonen in Sweden – as well as the reigning SGB Premiership champions.

During the month of May, Klindt featured in no fewer than 19 meetings across the continent in total.

But the 30-year-old, who is based in Wolverhampton with his girlfriend and daughter, insists fine-tuning constant travel arrangements is as much of a battle as being on track.

“I have a lot of flights,” he told the Daily Echo. “It’s not so much the meetings, it’s the travelling.

“People that are moaning, if you can call it that, about doubling up over here (in Britain) and being really busy – that’s nothing, it’s easy.

“You can drive to the meeting and drive back. It may be a six-hour drive but that’s nothing because you’ll have your mechanic driving for you or whatever.

“But when you have to be up in the morning to get to the airport, wait for your flight and travel back, it’s your sleep pattern which gets disrupted.

“You may have two or three hours sleep – then an hour – you keep waking up, so you don’t get proper sleep and it tires you out in the long run. The travelling is harder than the racing.

“When the season gets going, it’s actually better when I’m busy. I had a couple of times last year when I was busy and then had a couple of days off – I slept through and tried to get some energy back.

“It actually messed me up because I wasn’t used to getting that much sleep. I was more tired and had less energy to do stuff.

“When your body gets used to something it’s important to not change things too much and over-exaggerate it. It’s definitely a mental thing.

“I tend to try to do the same before a race meeting, do the same in the day and have a nap and eat properly when I can.”

Klindt on Sunday finished a small tour of Germany with a third-placed finish at the Pfingstpokal individual meeting.

The two-time Danish under-21 champion battled the likes of Artem Laguta, Robert Lambert and Vaclav Milik in Güstrow.

Klindt is set to feature in Pirates’ crucial Premiership Supporters’ Cup home clash with King’s Lynn at Wimborne Road tomorrow (7.30pm) – kickstarting a run of seven scheduled meetings in eight days, across five countries. The Outrup-born rider admits he is lucky to have supportive family – both in England and his native Denmark.

“My girlfriend is pretty understanding,” he said.

“My career is important for me. It’s not just a normal nine to five job – it’s a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year kind of thing. Even though we are not racing in the winter, I still have loads to do.

“Sometimes when I am home, I can only be home for two hours. My daughter could be at school and my girlfriend works. I may be home through the day but I can’t see them because I have to travel to a meeting.”

He continued: “I am home for about four months in the winter and I’m busy now.

“I could be away for two-and-a half weeks – I have to pack three bags of clothes. Then I can bring some clothes to Denmark and get my mum to wash it!

“When I go to Denmark my mum has a spare room so I stay there. She treats me and looks after me, so that’s good.

“When you are home it’s important to spend the time properly instead of everything else. You have to fit it all in and prioritise what’s important.”