EDDIE Howe admits the idea of goal celebrations being cut short due to VAR reviews is “really worrying for the future”.

The topic of Video Assistant Referees came into sharp focus during the Nations League finals with three major incidents across the four matches.

Cherries striker Callum Wilson thought he had given England victory in the third-placed play-off against Switzerland on Sunday, only for his 84th-minute strike to be subsequently ruled out for a foul.

That came just days after Jesse Lingard was denied having already rushed off to celebrate what he thought was the goal to send the Three Lions into the final during the clash with Netherlands, but the effort was chalked off due to a marginal offside call.

VAR also had a big role to play in the semi-final between Portugal and Switzerland in Porto. The Swiss were denied a penalty shout before Portugal broke and were awarded a spot kick themselves for a foul on Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva.

However, following review Switzerland were instead given the initial penalty to the frustration of the hosts.

Next season will see the introduction of VAR in the Premier League having been trialled across Europe.

Speaking before the Nations League finals, Cherries boss Howe said: “I have so many thoughts on VAR.

“It’s such a difficult thing because I think one of the huge, powerful things about football and sport is that instant feeling when you achieve something, when you score a goal.

“My worry is that we won’t see players celebrate and we won’t see supporters being able to lose themselves in that moment and that’s really worrying for me for the future.”

He added: “The good is that the right decisions are made.

“But then the bad is the emotional side of the game and what happens to players when they score, what happens to supporters when your team scores, what happens to coaches and managers when your team scores?

“Do you need to have a period where you don’t celebrate, you don’t enjoy the moment, you need to check is the goal fair or is it not fair?”

Meanwhile Wilson, who looked to have netted his second international goal only to be eventually penalised for a tug on defender Manuel Akanji, believes the introduction of VAR in the Premier League next season could have a negative effect.

He told Sky Sports: “It’s going to stop a lot of fun in the game because when you score, you celebrate and then you’re waiting for the goal to be allowed.

“When it’s not then it’s an anti-climax.

“(Akanji) is a big centre-half and I only moved him to the side a little bit to get half a yard on him and he just dropped to the floor.

“I guess if centre-backs are going to keep dropping to the floor there’s going to be a lot of disallowed goals when there shouldn’t be really.

“It’s a contact sport and I think strikers should definitely get the benefit of the doubt.”