BRADY Kurtz insisted he had been doing all he could to recover from injury – including taking on extreme temperatures.

The Pirates star has been visiting CryoLabs in Poole this week to undergo cryotherapy and boost his recovery from an ongoing shoulder problem.

Placed in a chamber in the extreme cold of minus 135 degrees, the Cowra-born star insisted he had felt the benefit of the modern treatment.

Quizzed on stepping into the freezing conditions, he told the Daily Echo: “I don’t think you will ever really enjoy it but it’s good.

“I did it a few times last year for a few different things, not even when I was injured – it’s supposed to be really good for you.

“When you come out you feel like you just want to start doing star jumps or something! You just feel really good. My shoulder has been getting better so hopefully it’s working for me.

“I have been at the physio every day and been doing the cryotherapy in the freeze room. I am doing everything I can for it to be all right.”

Kurtz missed Poole’s bank holiday double header with Swindon, as well as Thursday’s 47-43 defeat against Peterborough, following a crash last week.

He is however hopeful of returning to the track for Polish side Leszno on Sunday.

Giving an update on his progress, the Aussie ace said: “When I did get the scan it was too swollen for them to exactly tell what the problem was but they seem to think it’s going to be all right.

“I want to try to race on Sunday but I don’t really know at the moment. I think I am going to try to have a practice on Saturday – if it goes good I’ll race, if it doesn’t I’ll give it a bit more time.”