AUSSIE ace Jack Holder said he did not care about online critics and insisted: “I have a little chuckle to myself about it all.”

Spearheading Pirates in the number one race jacket this campaign, the 23-year-old had copped flak for his early-season performances both in Britain and Poland.

Holder had endured a tough start to the campaign in the skull and crossbones, registering scores of 6+2, 3+2, 11+1, 4+1, and 6+1 for Poole throughout April.

But with totals of 11+1, 7+2, 8+1 and 11+1 since then, as well as registering nine paid 13 for Swedish outfit Vastervik on Tuesday, the New South Wales-born star is back leading from the front.

Former Australian Under-21 champion Holder is set to be part of Pirates’ septet to visit Ipswich in the Supporters’ Cup South Group tomorrow (7.30pm).

Asked what it had been like to deal with online detractors so early in the campaign, he told the Daily Echo: “I have a little chuckle to myself about it all. I want to comment but I know where that would get me!

“I don’t really care about it to be honest. We are only human and it’s not like I go out there to not score points.

“I want to win but sometimes things just don’t happen. You can probably be trying too hard because things aren’t going your way.

“But I’ve got some engines changed round and have been going a bit better since. They (the critics) can keep doing what they are doing, I don’t really care.

“In every sport there is always people like that. Sometimes it can get a bit out of hand.

“We are only humans and it’s our job. Some people think we go out there and lose on purpose or something? I don’t know what they think but we always try 100 per cent – sometimes it just doesn’t happen and we have a bad day at the office like everyone else does.

“Let them keep doing what they are doing – if they are happy doing that then good on them!”

Assessing his current form, Holder added: “Everything is going good and it’s only early doors.

“You can start off really good and sometimes you can start off slow and the more races you do the more confidence you get.

“We started in Sweden the other day, I am pretty busy now and things are starting to go a bit better.”

Pirates registered their first win in the Supporters’ cup with a last-gasp 46-44 victory over the Witches at Wimborne Road last week.

They have five points from three meetings in the competition, with the winners of the group progressing to a two-legged final.

“It’s another trophy we all want to win,” added Holder.

“Things haven’t been going right for everyone but luckily last week we got it sorted and managed to get the win in the end.”