MATTY Holmes has committed to another season at the helm of Wimborne Town – and admitted attention already turns to a second campaign in Southern League South from tomorrow.

Holmes has agreed to remain as manager at Cuthbury until the end of next season after a third historic year in a row at Magpies since taking the job in May 2016.

This season, the 49-year-old, who played in the Premier League for West Ham and Blackburn in the mid-1990s, guided Wimborne to their highest ever league finish of 14th in the seventh tier of English football. However, despite this success, Holmes said he could easily walk away from his role if the club failed to match his ambitions.

He told the Daily Echo: “I spoke to Graham Bell and the board two weeks ago and we discussed the two scenarios of if we went down or stayed up.

“I have to look after my situation with what we do and everything was very positive.

“Graham has been unbelievable for this football club and he is such a positive man. He loves Wimborne and with him around there is a huge attitude to want to succeed and go places.

“You need to get sponsors in and do this and that on the financial side but we are competing and for me that was really important.

“There are positive vibes and a place we want to go with Wimborne rather than just hang around in the league and try to survive each season. If that was the thought I had from them then it might be time to go but it was very positive and I was willing to commit to another season."

Holmes is set to meet with his squad tomorrow to debrief on the season and start discussions over his squad for the next campaign.

Asked if he could look at his future beyond next season at this stage, Holmes said: “I could easily walk away tomorrow. If I wasn’t enthused I would go and do something else.

“It is head down from Tuesday to concentrate on the new season, full steam ahead. If at any time I am not enthused or feel like I am hitting a brick wall then I would walk away. I have always been like that in the three years here but there is some really good people at Wimborne and we want to strive on with the club to make it successful at this level.”

“It will be tough and I know that because our budget will not be as high as other teams but it is also a nice challenge.”

He added: “I have no illusions of going on to manage Manchester Untied or anyone like that. I just want to enjoy my football and manage a team who want to do well and work hard.

“I am coming towards the end of my football. I have travelled for so many years but I am enthused to have another year. If I didn’t have it I would pack it in.”