PIRATES star Nicolai Klindt believes Poole’s strength in depth will guard against an online ambush in their SGB Premiership Supporters’ Cup campaign.

The reigning league champions are set to race their first meeting in the new competition at Swindon tomorrow night (7.30pm).

Eyebrows were raised when it was announced fans would be able to vote on Twitter for the riders they want to see in heat 14 during Supporters’ Cup matches.

Critics fear the initiative could allow fans to sabotage rival teams as there would be nothing to stop them nominating the opposition’s riders, or even the line-up for another club competing in their side’s group.

With Poole boasting 17,900 followers on Twitter compared to Robins’ 11,000, Pirates fans could have the biggest say on who comes to the tapes.

But with Klindt’s side boasting quality from one to seven, the Dane is not worried who gets selected.

He said: “It’s an interesting one. I was following the cup online last week and also on Twitter. Some people were saying you could sabotage another team’s Twitter poll, but people are going to choose who they choose.

“Even if they sabotage you, it is the people voting who choose. You cannot do anything about it.

“We do have strength in depth. That is where we are going to win the meetings.

“Last year we always had one reserve who was scoring double figures more or less every meeting. That’s how we won when one or two of our top five did not deliver.

“With this, we are going to be really strong because it does not matter who we have up for nomination; we are going to have four good riders for the fans to choose from. That is definitely a plus for us.”

Fans have just 15 minutes to vote on the race-14 line-up, with team managers selecting the four riders to be put to the vote and any riders chosen are unable to compete in heat 15.

Pirates team boss Neil Middleditch has the option to reserve one or two of his strongest stars for the last race and Klindt admits these decisions could be crucial.

He said: “What will be important is who Neil chooses to put into the poll and also who he keeps back for heat 15.

“It’s important he keeps his two strongest riders or at least one of them for heat 15. If people choose one of the strong guys for heat 14, if we have another good guy in heat 15 and they both win, that’s two 3-3s minimum.

“Whatever happens, it’s important we win the races beforehand. But I think the new format is a good idea. I’m not shy of new ideas in the sport, as long as they are reasonable. I think it’s going to be positive.”