RISOTTO king Ryan Fraser insists he is one of Cherries’ top-five chefs after being instructed to get cooking lessons by boss Eddie Howe.

The Scotland international made the task of fine-tuning his culinary skills one his main off-field priorities, after being snapped up by the Cherries boss from Aberdeen six years ago.

And while this season he has been cooking up a storm against an array of Premier League defences, Fraser believes he is now just as sharp in the kitchen.

Speaking on The Big Interview with Graham Hunter podcast, the winger said: “The first thing he (Howe) did for me was help me get cooking lessons.

“Living with my mum and dad up in Aberdeen, I didn’t know how to cook. The first thing I was doing was cooking pasta and he said ‘no, you can’t have pasta every day, go and get some cooking lessons’.

“That’s why I have turned into a decent chef, I would say.

“I like a risotto, maybe a butternut squash risotto. I have cooked for some of the lads and they have cooked for me. I’d say I’m in the top-five chefs at the club.

“Simon Francis is very good but all he eats is greens, which is quite boring. Dan Gosling is very good and loves getting the Hello Fresh in – but that tells you how to cook it.

“We are sociable and help each other out – the best dish wins.”

Fraser has made 163 appearances under Howe since making the £400,000 switch from Pittodrie.

He reminisced about being driven around Bournemouth by the boss when he joined the club in League One.

“It was a little bit awkward at first,” said pacey wide man.

“I jumped in the back to start with and he was like ‘what are you doing? Get in the front!’.

“That’s the type of manager he is, it’s not all about football. He wants you to feel safe and know what you are coming into with your surroundings.

“That’s why he’s a top guy, not just a top manager.”

He added: “Getting cooking lessons, taking me out for meals when I was alone has helped me.

“I am not afraid to say we sometimes hug each other in the morning instead of just a handshake.

“I will have a joke with him. We are close, we do think about football in the same way and we know how much it means to win games.”