ROY Hodgson denied Crystal Palace had made a move to sign Jermain Defoe.

The former Tottenham and Portsmouth star stated after joining Rangers on loan on Sunday that Palace had been interested in his services.

But Eagles boss Hodgson rubbished that claim.

"We had no interest in Jermain Defoe," said Hodgson.

"He is like a number of strikers, I have seen his name mentioned in relation to the club but it is one thing people relating their players who are anxious to find a move to our club, and it is another thing our club initiating moves to sign a player.

"I can state, quite categorically, that we made no move at all to sign him. I like Jermain Defoe, I have worked with him and he is a good player and I am pleased he has joined Glasgow Rangers. But we weren't candidates to sign him."