CHERRIES star Steve Cook said he felt Jurgen Klopp had been hard done by after being punished for running on the pitch to celebrate Liverpool’s late winner against Everton.

Klopp, who tomorrow brings his Reds express to Vitality Stadium, was fined £8,000 by the FA after hugging goalkeeper Alisson following Divock Origi’s goal in the Merseyside derby.

The German immediately apologised to Everton boss Marco Silva and subsequently accepted a charge of misconduct together with receiving a warning about his future behaviour.

Cook said he would welcome seeing Eddie Howe repeat Klopp’s celebration – if it meant Cherries had bagged a dramatic late winner against Liverpool.

“If he did, it would be very unlike him to sprint on the pitch but I would like to see it!” joked Cook, fielding a question about whether he thought Howe would follow Klopp’s lead.

He added: “It was derby day, Liverpool had just scored a last-minute winner and I had never seen a goal like it.

"He was punished but I think passion is good for the game. You don’t want to take the celebrations out of football because that is what it is all about.

“I know I wasn’t involved but, as a neutral, he apologised straight away to the Everton manager. In the heat of the moment, that is what football is all about. He is a passionate football person and I quite enjoyed his celebration.

“I know it was frowned upon by people who thought it was unsporting. There is a fine line between passion and unsporting behaviour and I thought he was just being passionate.”

Cook was voted man of the match by the sponsors for his display in Cherries’ midweek win over Huddersfield – a game which saw him climb to 18th in the club’s list of all-time leading appearance-makers.

The 27-year-old, ever present in the Premier League this season, knows Cherries will need to up their game if they are to end Liverpool’s unbeaten record in the top flight.

Cook, who has made 266 league appearances for Cherries, said: “As bad as I felt on the pitch, I was delighted we got the win against Huddersfield. Losing four on the bounce was tough and our confidence had taken a dent so it was a huge win for us even if it wasn’t deserved.

“I know Huddersfield are struggling but they were outstanding and it was like playing Manchester City again to be honest.

“I think the Liverpool game will be similar, apart from instead of high crosses into the box, it will be low crosses and cut-backs. In terms of challenges and physicality, it will be a similar game and we need to be better on the ball and stand up and be counted.

“Beating Huddersfield will give us confidence because we may not see too much of the ball against Liverpool as they try to dominate possession. Counter-attacks are going to be important and we need to get back to keeping clean sheets. I am sure it will be end to end and whoever defends the best will win.”