EDDIE Howe insisted players could not be expected to correct refereeing mistakes given the high stakes involved.

Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling received criticism earlier this month after winning a controversial penalty against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions’ League.

Replays showed the England international had tripped himself in the penalty area, with critics suggesting Sterling should have admitted he had not been fouled.

But Cherries boss Howe said such situations were “difficult” for players.

“If you are going to do that, you would like it done the other way," said Howe.

“When the defender fouls an attacking player and knows it’s a foul and it’s not given, is he going to put his hand up and say ‘actually, that was a penalty’?

“In an ideal world, you would have both. But there is so much at stake. There is a win at all costs mentality.

“Lose a game and players are getting slaughtered on social media. Managers are getting slaughtered on social media.

“There’s so much at stake that it’s for the referee to manage the game and, hopefully, make the right calls more often than not."

The Cherries boss has expressed doubts over the Video Assistant Referee system, which could have corrected the Sterling incident.

Howe said: “I’m not sure you can have players refereeing games because where does it stop?

“I understand in terms of big decisions – penalty decisions. I know it’s happened before where players have held their hands up and I would credit those players immensely.

“But I think it’s up to the referee to manage the match."