JASON Crump will make a late decision on his injured knee ahead of Pirates' home Elite League clash against Coventry tonight (7.30pm).

The outgoing world champion twisted his troublesome knee during Poole Castle Cover's 54-38 defeat at Peterborough on Monday.

He pulled out of that meeting early when his left knee swelled up only a month after he had broken his kneecap a month ago.

But the rider spoke to his specialist yesterday and the consultant said Crump could ride against the Bees if he feels the leg is okay.

Poole co-promoter Mike Gold-ing, whose side will be biding to end Coventry's stunning 14-match winning run, said: "We will leave the decision down to Jason.

"He is hopeful of riding, but an adequate guest will be picked if Jason decides later today that he feels he won't be able to ride."

Swindon's Leigh Adams would be Crump's ideal replacement if available.

Coventry arrive at Wimborne Road on a high, but still need points to overhaul table-topping Swindon and to stave off Peterborough's late charge for a top two place.

They operate rider replacement for broken shoulder blade victim Oliver Allen but are otherwise at full strength.

Pirates, whose last two league fixtures at Eastbourne and Ipswich are after the play-off cut-off date, need to win by eight to grab the bonus after losing 49-42 at Brandon on July 30.

The Dorset club have already beaten Coventry 52-40 at home in the A fixture.

There will be a junior practice after tonight's meeting as Poole prepare for their British Academy Cup, semi-final, second leg, tie at Somerset on Friday.

Poole won 24-12 at Wimborne Road and the aggregate winners face Newcastle in the final.

Matt Ford, meanwhile, has confirmed his club's position on one-time Poole target Nicolai Klindt's decision to join Wolves next season.

The co-promoter said: "We lost interest in Nicolai. His form wasn't what it used to be.

"We have had no contact with him, apart from one telephone call, for nearly a year now."

Ford has also replied to Wolves chief Chris Van Straaten's belief that the doubling up rule could be on the verge of collapse after Poole signed Rye House duo Steve Boxall and Tai Woffinden to share a reserve berth.

Van Straaten stressed he wasn't having a go at Pirates personally, but added the rule was aimed at Elite clubs signing two riders from different Premier clubs to fill gaps.

Ford said: "I read what Chris said with interest, and on the same page Bob Brimson at Eastbourne was saying we had to have more doubling up, not less.

"I don't understand it. I will just abide by the rules in the rulebook and that is what I have done on every occasion.

"Maybe Chris is being clever and would like Tai to move up (to the Elite) next year. But that is not for me to say."

Ford added: "Chris has asked me to give Tai a maximum of three meetings between now and the end of the season."

Van Straaten feels the promoters will want to discuss the future of the doubling up rule before the 2008 campaign.

Pirates: 1 Pedersen, 2 Batchelor, 3 Crump or guest, 4 Boyce, 5 Kennett, 6 Doyle, 7 Boxall.

Coventry: 1 Nicholls, 2 Rider replacement for Allen, 3 Harris, 4 Smolinski, 5 Schlein, 6 Janniro, 7 Johnston.

Fixtures, tonight, Elite League: Reading v Peterborough.