EDDIE Howe insisted honesty was the best policy when discussing players’ futures but did not expect tough conversations this summer.

The Cherries boss will next week hold individual debriefs with every member of his squad to assess the season and plan ahead.

Cherries’ retained list is also expected to be announced, although not many decisions need to be made as the majority of the squad are under contract.

Goalkeepers Artur Boruc and Ryan Allsop see their current deals expire at the end of June.

Howe told the Daily Echo: “In my experience, I have had some really difficult conversations down the years, ones I haven’t looked forward to at all. I don’t think there are any conversations like that this year.

“I think what players really want is honesty and they want to know where they stand.

"If that means bad news, I think they are prepared to accept it, as long as you are being genuine with what you say and I always try to do that.

“It’s a two-way thing. It’s not just me talking to them, it’s very much expressing an interest in what they have to say and that can be crucial information you can help them with next season.”