CHRIS Holder is hopeful of an imminent return to British racing.

The Pirates asset had been expected to assume a team place at his parent club some four to six meetings into the season.

However, the 2012 world champion has been unable to don a Poole race jacket as he has been struggling to resolve visa problems.

Asked when he expected to return to Britain, he told the Speedway Grand Prix website: “I’m hoping any day. It’s one of those things where the control is out of my hands.

"I’m just waiting and, hopefully, I’ll have an answer next week and I’ll be good to go again.

“It has been frustrating. I know it’s frustrating for the fans but it hasn’t been any different for me. It has been a battle.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the end of it really soon and then I can get back to doing what I have done for the past 10 or 11 years.

“I’m sick of all the stuff that’s coming along and I’m looking forward to seeing the end of it so I can get on with my life and get back to normal.”

Holder was eliminated in the semi-finals of Saturday's Grand Prix series opener in Warsaw.

Tai Woffinden triumphed in Poland with former Pirates skipper Maciej Janowski finishing as runner-up.